2016-2017 Tuition & Fees for Adult & Teen Recreational Classes, Menehune Young Beginner 

There will be four 8-week Terms for the 2016-2017 "piano" year. Adult and Teen Recreational & Young Beginner Classes run for 8 weeks per quarter. Each 8 week session will be $199. There is no registration fee with full payment of 8 week class. The tuition also includes first $25 of materials (which may cover the year). The student is only committed to one quarter at a time; however if a student drops they will most likely not be able to return until summer session.

 $199 Tuition due July 1, October 1, January 1, and April 1/ Monthly payment plan: $67 monthly beginning July 1

Tuition is based on the 8 week class per term. Tuition is based on enrollment NOT attendance. There will be no refunds or credit for missed lessons. Festival registrations or other activity fees will be billed as needed.

If using the monthly payment plan, all fees are due in advance— on or before the 1st of the month.  Monthly payments of $67 will be due July, August, September, October, November, December, January February,   March, April, May, June. 

Your regular monthly installment must be paid without reminder.  A $15 late fee will be added after the 1st of month. Any invoices given for fees throughout the month may be added to the following month’s payment. If you are paying by check, make it payable to Encore Studio. Or, you may have a monthly amount automatically debited from a bank account. (The automatic withdrawal will insure you never have to pay the $15 fee!) I can also take major credit cards.

Music Books:
First $25 of basic lesson books included in tuition. Many supplemental books are available on loan. Gently used class books may be returned to studio if you do not care to keep them. They will either be reused/recycled or donated to the Music Outreach Program. 


Unless notified, it is assumed that the student is participating in all 4 quarters. Without timely tuition payment, the student's spot is not secured.

If you wish to pay your tuition online, click on “Billing” and then “Make Online Payment” and it will take you to Paypal. Otherwise, you can mail a check: Encore Studio, 7440 Glenwood Circle, Lincoln, NE 68510.