Fall Piano Lesson Registration

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Hi Piano Families!

Here is the information on fall enrollment. The process has been simplified!

For rate explanation, go here: Piano Tuition
For studio policies (slight changes only) go here, and look at the four headings: Studio Policies

For the early bird discount, go to: Encore Studio Home
From there, login, go to June 5th on the calendar, and sign up. You MUST sign up BEFORE the 5th; the deadline is really June 4. My website won't allow you to sign up ON the 5th. In addition, your payment must be received by the end of June to receive the discount.

If you miss the early bird, you can still sign up on the calendar on July 1 (again the actual deadline is June 30), and you can still save the registration fee if you pay the full semester or 1st month on or before July 1.

Additional information: Depending on our teacher situation, the studio size may be smaller in 2017-18. Miss Maryn will only be available to substitute on rare ocassions. Mr. Anson is planning to teach again, and will also be available to substitute. It's possible another teacher may join us as well. Of course, all current students will have a spot (if you sign up!). 

For new students, the plan is to accommodate siblings in current families before other new students, but if you don't sign up for summer or fall, I won't know to reserve a spot for you. There MAY be an additional opportunity to sign up on August 1, but don't count on it! If you are a new family looking for lessons, it would be helpful if you create your login for the website. This automatically places you on the waiting list, and you will be contacted soon!

Debra Bolte Heald, NCTM

Extravaganza Registration (Piano)

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From LMTA:

Lincoln Music Teachers Association Presents:

Extravaganza 2017  Dance!

Featuring a multi-keyboard orchestra and string ensemble (Keyboards provided courtesy of Dietze Music House, Lincoln)

Postmark Due Date: October 8

Performance: O’Donnell Auditorium

Sunday, January 8, 2017, Nebraska Wesleyan University

3:00 pm 50 th   and Huntington Streets


Requirements for participation:

  1. Each participant must be a student of an active member of Lincoln Music Teachers Association.Students of all ages from beginners (with at least one year of lessons) through advanced performers are invited to participate.
  2. The student must attend the rehearsal of the assigned group. Your teacher will help you select the appropriate group for which to register. We recommend that teachers choose a level of music for their students which is LESS challenging than that of their solo work. The Extravaganza is designed to provide students with the fun of the duet experience and playing under a conductor in an ensemble.
  3. A registration fee of $22.00 per student will provide the student with admission to the concert and a T-shirt which must be worn for the rehearsal and performance. Indicate T-shirt size below.
  4. To register, complete the form below and return to your teacher. Checks should be made payable to the individual teacher. Students will be placed in their selected group(s) on a first come, first served basis.
  5. Rehearsals will be scheduled on Saturday, January 7, times TBA. Please keep the entire day available. Students MUST be at rehearsal to participate in the performance on Sunday, January 8.

There will be an audience admission charge of $5.00 for adults and $3.00 for ages 4 to 16; children ages 3 and under are free.  There is no additional admission charge for participating students. Optional: You may wish to order tickets in advance with your registration. Tickets will be available the day of the performance.

Students may wish to participate in more than one group. They may do so with no additional charge if space is available. However, if they would like a T-shirt to match the additional group, they must pay an extra $6.50. Please fill out a separate registration form for each group you’d like to participate in.

From Mrs. Heald:

Please fill out the top portion of the registration form, including signatures, and the bottom portion with T-shirt size and total amount ONE SHEET PER STUDENT. Return to your lesson and student and Mrs. Heald will select the group and partner (middle section). Please include a check (one check for your family). 

Extravaganza Registration

Lincoln Music Teachers EXTRAVAGANZA

Friday, September 23, 2016 by Debra B Heald | Performance

What is Extravaganza? It's a super opportunity for students (with at least one year of lessons) to perform in a fun activity! It's held at Nebraska Wesleyan University January 7th and 8th. Approximately 15 digital pianos are placed on stage, and with TWO students per piano, each group has about 30 performers. 

We will work in the studio to prepare duets, and then your group will come together to practice on January 7th. The performance will be in the afternoon on January 8th. If you participate, the January 7th rehearsal is absolutely mandatory, and you must set aside the day until we know a specific practice time.

Please email, text, or call Mrs. Heald with any questions. It is hoped that nearly all eligible students will participate!


Mrs. Heald was an excellent teacher. When my daughters were just starting she was so patient and kind with the little ones. As they continued she not only was their piano instructor but became a life-long mentor. We are looking forward to starting the next generation of our family with her. I highly recommend her!

Susan B

My son has been taking lessons from Debra for three years.  The first two years were in person and the last was online.  My daughter started taking lessons this last year online.  I was a little bit worried how online would go since she is only 6, but is has been great!  Debra is easy to work with and my kids say that she makes learning the piano fun!

Sara Y

Debra Heald is amazing piano teacher. She taught all three of my kids, and I have been taking lessons from her as an adult student for several years. One of her best strengths as a teacher is figuring out ways for everyone to be successful at piano. She is extremely knowledgeable about music and theory but also has a calm teaching approach.

DeeAnn W