Beginner Classes for Kids
The positive results for kids' piano classes are evident. The students learn musical concepts faster in a group and lesson preparation is better. A large portion of time for each piano class is playing their lesson material as an ensemble. Soon, class students are sight-reading far better than individual lesson counterparts; and the group playing turns all of them into relaxed performers. Students will work harder with their friends in piano class than they will work for a teacher at a private lesson! So, if at all possible, it's preferred that beginners start in a piano class. Class meets once a week for 60 minutes, plus up to 30 minutes of computer/theory lab. 
The tuition is under the Regular Plan.
Technology/Theory Lab Time
The technology in the studio is intended to provide students with additional opportunities to build and reinforce various musicianship skills. Encore Studio provides an individualized program of music theory fundamentals, ear training, music appreciation/music history, and rhythm drills. This is based on the National Federation of Music Clubs’ levels of music theory. Also, students may play their assigned music with MIDI disks and a digital piano for accurate practice. Notation software is available for those who participate in composition activities. During this time, students may also be asked to work on theory worksheets or books, since they have the most success doing this in a monitored setting. Students will be scheduled to use the Lab tools before or after their lesson.  Students are expected to respect all studio property - to use equipment carefully, and only for instructional music purposes. Any damage or theft becomes your responsibility. If I find that students are creating problems, I reserve the right to discontinue their equipment use, or in extreme cases to dismiss them from the studio.