Encore Studio

Lesson Formats:
"30/30 Duet" Alternating Lesson (Individual lesson and Music Theory Lab)
Students in the "30/30 Duet" lesson structure receive 30 minutes of individual instruction and 30 minutes of customized music technology/theory lab. Students usually arrive at the same time and alternate in the lesson and lab, for a total of 60 minutes.

The lab portion of the lesson is customized for the student, and is scheduled directly before or after the lesson. It includes music theory, listening, sight-reading, ear-training, and music composition. Students may also have the opportunity to work together on duets and music theory projects throughout the semester.
Recommended for ages 7 and up, perfect for siblings (since they can both take lessons during the same one hour space) and friends! Most adult beginners would also start here. Also used for online lessons, though the theory lab portion will need to completed at your location!


"20/20/20 Triad" Rotating Lesson
In rotating lessons, up to three students alternate among centers. Students get more time learning the fundamentals of theory and music reading while building their playing skills gradually.
  • 20 minutes with the teacher in individual or small group instruction (dependent on matched levels/ages)  
  • 20 minutes playing piano with MIDI technology with iPad or computer
  • 20 minutes customized theory lab time via computer, video, iPad, or pencil. ☺
In addition to customized playing and lab assignments, the 20-20-20 lesson may also include duets and trios, and group music theory games (Music Mind Games) for reinforcing lesson material. Each student will have his or her own piano, keyboard, or digital piano to play at each center. This instructional model gives students 100% more instructional time than the average beginner 30 minute lesson elsewhere.

Recommended for ages 7 and up, perfect for friends or siblings, and for students who have limited practice time available in-between lessons. This is a great option for families who have other commitments, and otherwise busy schedules.


Individual Lessons
This is a standard 45 or 60 minute piano lesson, and the weekly theory lab becomes mostly written work, although we will occasionally use the keyboard lab to reinforce certain concepts as needed, based on the student's individual progress.

This is a perfect fit for the intermediate and advancing students of any age, including adults. Spaces for individual lessons are limited and usually reserved for established Encore Studio students who have successfully completed beginning "Duet" or "Triad" lessons and are ready for more challenging study and committed practice. Select transfer students may qualify by audition.

This is also a format used for online lessons, keeping in mind that the theory lab portion of the lessons will need to be completed at your location!


 The tuition is under the Regular Plan. 

Technology/Theory Lab Time
The technology in the studio is intended to provide students with additional opportunities to build and reinforce various musicianship skills. Encore Studio provides an individualized program of music theory fundamentals, ear training, music appreciation/music history, and rhythm drills. This is based on the National Federation of Music Clubs’ levels of music theory. Also, students may play their assigned music with MIDI disks and a digital piano for accurate practice. Notation software is available for those who participate in composition activities. During this time, students may also be asked to work on theory worksheets or books, since they have the most success doing this in a monitored setting. Students will be scheduled to use the Lab tools before or after their lesson.  Students are expected to respect all studio property - to use equipment carefully, and only for instructional music purposes. Any damage or theft becomes your responsibility. If students are creating problems, the studio reserves the right to discontinue their equipment use, or in extreme cases to dismiss them from the studio.