Encore Studio

Very Young Beginners

Menehune (Hawaiian for "Little One") or EZ Keys curriculum: designed for 4, 5, and 6 year old students who are not yet reading fluently and/or have a shorter attention span. 20 minute lesson, 20 minute music theory lab (music activities on iPad, computer, or written work) and 20 minutes Music Mind Games with other students.


Beginners - Kids 7 and up

This is for beginning piano students. Basic curriculum is Mayron Cole 1A-B or Mayron Cole Older Beginner A-C. (Other method books sometimes substituted.) Either "30/30 Duet" Lessons or "20/20/20" Triad Lessons.

Individual Lessons

Students of all ages and levels: a basic lesson structure will be 45 minutes of individual instruction, 30 minutes of music technology/theory lab. Advanced students may schedule a 60 minute lesson. The limited spaces reserved for individual lessons are reserved for students who have demonstrated the desire to progress through good practice habits and preparation for each lesson.

Teen or Adult Recreational Classes

This is for the busy teen  or adult who wants to learn to play casually but has little time to practice at home. Basic note reading, chords, and lead sheets. For students who are interested in music making in a supportive, low-stress environment.

Online Lessons

Students of all ages and locations can take lessons at Encore Studio via the internet! The lesson format follows the "30/30 Duet" or "Individual Lessons" model, though obviously the theory lab is completed at YOUR location. We can use any standard video chat platform: Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, Messenger, Zoom etc.

Technology/Theory Lab Time

The technology in the studio is intended to provide students with additional opportunities to build and reinforce various musicianship skills. Encore Studio provides an individualized program of music theory fundamentals, ear training, music appreciation/music history, and rhythm drills. This is based on the IA Music Teachers Assn/NE Music Teachers Assn/National Federation of Music Clubs levels of music theory. Also, students may play their assigned music with MIDI music and a digital piano for accurate practice. Notation software is available for those who participate in composition activities. During this time, students may also be asked to work on theory worksheets or books, since they have the most success doing this in a monitored setting. Students will be scheduled to use the Lab tools before or after their lesson.  Students are expected to respect all studio property - to use equipment carefully, and only for instructional music purposes. Any damage or theft becomes your responsibility. If it is found that a student is creating problems, the studio reserves the right to discontinue the student's use of studio equipment, or in extreme cases, to dismiss the student from the studio.