What You Can Expect from the Teacher
You can expect your teacher to maintain membership in professional organizations and to strive to keep up with the latest advances in teaching music. You can expect that with your support and the student's hard work, the teacher will facilitate the musical growth of you or your student through instruction that includes first-class repertoire, quality technique, music theory and music history. The teacher places student well-being over other considerations. Music study is an activity which should provide relaxation and enjoyment, not stress or unhappiness!
Music Mind Games:
Encore Studio has been using the Music Mind Games (MMG) curriculum and materials for over 20 years. Debra Bolte Heald became MMG certified by taking a week long workshop with the creator, Michiko Yurko. Music Mind Games is a perfect fit for Encore Studio's teaching philosophy: combine the important framework of a solid base in music theory with games and activities that stimulate the brain in a fun, uplifting, and cooperative atmosphere. Music Mind Games have music theory activities for beginning levels through advanced levels.
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