Camp Choices:


Blast-Off With Piano (Summer) Introduction to piano playing and lessons for all ages:
  • Class meets twice a week for three weeks OR
  • Camp meets three days a week (W-Th-F) for two weeks
  • Classes/Camps meet for 90 minutes each session, with a mini recital for guests included with the last session!
  • The cost of the Blast-Off course is $135. For this class the tuition includes all materials AND there is no registration fee. You also receive a fun tote bag or t-shirt! 
  • At the end of the course, students present a mini recital that showcases all they have learned
  • Classes will be scheduled as they are filled. There needs to be a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 5 per class. If you know at least 1 other child (or have more than one interested child in your own family) we will hold a class just for you!

Students learn:
  • Basic Music Symbols
  • Rhythm and Counting
  • Note Values
  • Keyboard Familiarity
  • Musical Alphabet

Students get to “try out” piano lessons (and Encore Studio) in a fun and upbeat setting. There is no commitment though, so Blast Off is the perfect way to evaluate piano readiness!
Please contact us for available class/camp days/times. First, 
sign up here. In the "Comments" section of the sign up please indicate whether you want a 3 week class or two week camp. Then let us know ALL the possible weeks you could come , and your preferred time of day. We'll get back to you ASAP!