Class/Camp Choices:


Blast-Off With Piano (Summer)
Introduction to piano playing and lessons for all ages.  Camp meets three days a week (T-W-Th) for two weeks OR class meets twice a week for three weeks.
Students learn:
  • Basic Music Symbols
  • Rhythm and Counting
  • Note Values
  • Keyboard Familiarity
  • Musical Alphabet
At the end of the course, students present a mini recital that showcases all they have learned. The cost of the Blast-Off course is $135. For this class the tuition includes all materials AND there is no registration fee. You also receive a fun tote bag or t-shirt!

Students get to “try out” piano lessons (and Encore Studio) in a fun and upbeat setting. There is no commitment though, so Blast Off is the perfect way to evaluate piano readiness!

Classes will be scheduled as they are filled. There needs to be a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 5 per class. If you know at least 1 other child (or have more than one interested child in your own family) we will hold a class just for you!

Classes/Camps meet for one 90 minutes each session, with the possibility that the last session of the class will be longer so parents can attend a mini recital!

The two-week camps can be scheduled any two weeks from June 4 – July 18, same with the 3 week class. First,
sign up here. In the "Comments" section of the sign up please indicate whether you want a 3 week class or two week camp. Then let us know ALL the possible weeks you could come , and your preferred time of day.