Level 1 Theory Assignments

Quarter 3, Week 9: PRACTICE TEST (March 4-15)

Level 1 Practice Test (see link below in Week 7 if not already downloaded/printed) any remaining questions you can do!

Quarter 3, Week 8: Key Signatures (February 25-March 1)

Watch the following video:

Level 1, Part 3A: Parts of Notes

Workbook: P. 21 (if not already completed)

Level 1 Practice Test (see link below if not already downloaded/printed) Questions #1, #7, #8

Quarter 3, Week 7: Intervals (February 18-22)

Watch the following video:

4C: Steps, Skips, Dynamics

Workbook: P. 28 (if not already completed)

Level 1 Practice Test Questions 10 & 11 (print out first 3 pages or use the Kami app)

Quarter 3, Week 6: Scales/Scale Degrees (February 11-15)

This level does not have anything specifically for scales, so student can do any section of Part 2 which hasn't already been completed (There are 7 possible videos to watch.):

Level One Parts 2A & 2B

Workbook: Pages 13-19, any pages not yet completed (you don't necessarily have to do them all, though!)


Quarter 3, Week 5: Triads (Skipping) (February 4-8)

Watch this video:

4C: Steps, Skips and Dynamics

Workbook P. 29, do as instructed but also put an "L" under line notes and an "S" under space notes. P. 30, top problem only.

Bonus: print out and do this worksheet: Pre-Triad Skipping

Quarter 3, Week 4: Note Reading (January 28 - February 1)

Watch these 2A videos:

CDE Treble Staff   (Also do the exercise at the bottom  - about 20 tries)

FGAB Treble Staff (Also do the exercise at the bottom  - about 20 tries)

Workbook P.13 and P. 14 (Unless you already finished them in a previous quarter)

Quarter 3, Week 3: Terms & Symbols (January 21 - 25)

You can watch the very short video on the page below, but mostly, do the "Quizlet" on the bottom of the page. Choose "Flashcards" or "Learn" for the mode. (May require parental help.)

Bonus: Vocabulary

Quarter 3, Week 2: Rhythm (January 14 - 18)

Watch these THREE videos: 

3B: Barlines/Measures (should be review)

3C: Rhythm    

4A: Time Signatures     

Workbook pages: 22 (should be done, but if not please do!), P. 23, P. 25

(no excercises this week)

Quarter 3, Week 1: Ear Training (January 7 - 11)

Watch these THREE videos: 




Workbook page 32

(no excercises this week)