2024-2025 Tuition & Fees

Tuition is spread equally over the course of a year and charged a 2-4 weeks in advance (e.g. October's tuition is paid September 1). The annual tuition is divided evenly between the 11 months from August to June. This means that whether there are 5 or 2 lessons in that month, the tuition fee is exactly the same. Students are allocated 39 lessons per year, 36 to be held during the academic year and 3 during the summer on a flexible schedule.

The Fall "Piano Semester" tuition of $759 includes all books & materials.

  •  Tuition may be paid by semester, or you can use the monthly payment plan  
  •  $759 Semester Tuition discounted to $709 if paid before August 1. Second semester due January 15.
  •  Monthly payment plan: Initial monthly payment of $138 August 1 with monthly installments through the following June 
  • $50 discount on June's tuition if first installment is paid BEFORE August 1.

Tuition is based on the 39 lesson term. Tuition is based on enrollment NOT attendance. There will be no refunds or credit for missed lessons. Festival registrations or other activity fees will be billed as needed.

Multiple student in family discount: $10 per student per month

Your regular monthly installment must be paid without reminder. A $25 late fee will be added after the 1st lesson of the month. Any invoices given for fees throughout the month may be added to the following month’s payment. If you are paying by check, make it payable to Encore Studio. Or, you may have a monthly amount automatically debited from a bank account.  

Music Books:
All student books and materials are included with tuition. Many supplemental books are available on loan. Gently used lesson books may be returned to studio if you do not care to keep them. They will either be reused/recycled or donated to the Music Outreach Program, or used for a student with need in the studio (free for the student). 
To enroll for fall 2024, the parent or student must go to encore-studio.com and login. Click on “Calendar” and look for the purple registration on July 22. Click on that to enroll. By doing so, you agree that you have read and accept Encore Studio policies. If you already know your preference for day and/or time, please send an email (debencore@encore-studio.com) with your day/time preferences. Or, in early August you will be able to select an "open lesson time" on the calendar. If you wish to enroll after all registration dates have passed, you will have to contact Debra Heald. The calendar will not allow you to register after the registration date has passed (and there most likely won't be an opening). Yearly/semester tuition or first monthly installment will be due the month prior to the start of the term to ensure every continuing student has a weekly time slot reserved, and to make available any open spots for students on the waiting list. Current students will automatically be enrolled for the second semester.
If you wish to pay your tuition from there, click on “Billing” and then “Make Online Payment” and it will take you to Paypal. Otherwise, you can mail a check: Encore Studio, 5400 L ST, Lincoln, NE 68510 (or bring to a lesson before August 1). Alternatively, you can contact Mrs. Heald to make automatic payment arrangements.
Discontinuing Lessons 
Students register for the entire piano year. On the rare occasion study is discontinued before July 31st, a month's notice is required. There is no refund of tuition unless a family moves away from the area.