Classes and lessons for kids are generally scheduled during after school hours Monday – Friday (into evening hours for teens), Homeschooled Students, Adult Recreational & Young Beginner Lessons/Classes may be scheduled earlier in the day, later evening or weekends on a limited basis.
Bad Weather
Safety must come first! In the case of extremely bad weather, I will evaluate the situation and make the decision as to whether there will be lessons. Even if lessons are to be continued, please don’t feel you must attend if weather is an issue. It would be helpful if you could call or text me on those days to check the status of lessons, as I often have difficulty reaching parents on short notice. Lessons canceled because of weather will use the “flex” weeks between terms, or may be rescheduled if an individual student misses because of weather. (If lessons are NOT cancelled, but your student won’t be coming, a “Skyped” lesson is another possibility.)
It is extremely important that students attend all lessons and group sessions. Tuition is based on enrollment NOT attendance. However, if you are sick, please stay home!  (If your student won’t be coming, a “Skyped” lesson is a possibility if they are well enough.)
Ensemble/game time is not usually included in rescheduled lessons, theory lab time is optional. Guidelines:
  1. Individual lessons may be rescheduled within 10 days, (subject to availability). ALL lessons to be rescheduled (whether from illness or other reason) MUST be cancelled ONLINE. All rescheduled lessons must be scheduled ONLINE. Non-illness absence must be cancelled at least 24 hours ahead of time.
  2. Lessons may be rescheduled in the 10 day time frame only if the student can come to one of the open times on the Online Calendar - or, on short notice when a time becomes open due to someone else’s absence. If you miss (not due to illness) and cannot reschedule your lesson within 10 days, you forfeit the lesson. If you miss because of illness and cannot reschedule within 10 days, please contact the studio. You may need to be flexible to use your reschedule opportunity (such as be willing to take a student out of school a few minutes early to make an early time or miss another activity).
  3. Available times will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. It is the parent's responsibility to check online for open lesson times. (Remember to check often; openings can happen any time.)
  4. It is acceptable for a student to occasionally miss technology/theory/ensemble time due to activities/homework as long as the individual lesson portion is attended or rescheduled. Please be courteous and cancel the lesson ONLINE by noon for ANY absence. (However, I understand if an illness suddenly happens! Inform me as soon as possible.)  If a student cancels or skips lessons for 4 consecutive weeks, (other than illness), that student's lesson time may be given to a student on the waiting list.

The studio reserves the right to provide a substitute teacher if the regularly scheduled teacher is ill or otherwise unable to teach classes/lessons. If a teacher is ill and the studio cannot arrange a substitute any missed classes/lessons will be rescheduled.

Discontinuing Lessons 
Students register for the entire academic year. On the rare occasion study is discontinued before June 30th, a month's notice is required. There is no refund of tuition unless families move away from the area.

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