Grand Lodge Casual Performance
Music is meant to be shared!  As your piano teacher, it is my goal to make all performances as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. There are many performance opportunities each season. Some activities have a fee.*  
  • Studio Recitals/Piano Parties/Celebrations: Once or twice a year, in-studio performances may be held in place of regular lessons for a particular week. Students perform pieces for each other in an informal setting. Normally, the student would attend a studio recital on the day of his/her lesson, possibly at a somewhat different time. Parents may or may not be invited!
LMTA Recitals (Lincoln): Lincoln Music Teachers Association sponsors at least two recitals each year in the spring and fall. They are open to any student. The cost for these recitals is $2.50 each student. LMTA also may offer performance opportunities at service recitals at local retirement homes or other community centers. These recitals are free and TBA. 

Encore Studio:
Studio Festival/Performance (Lincoln): In 2020 my colleague Nancy Schoen and I will present the 10 th annual “Studio Festival/Performance Opportunity” with our collective students in early spring (likely February or early March). For 2019-2020 this will the “main performance” for any Lincoln area students. All students are expected to participate. Low or no cost. Casual atmosphere.

Festivals, Etc.:
Iowa Music Teachers Association sponsors Auditions in December. I have joined IMTA to make this additional Festival an opportunity for my students. You will have to travel to Council Bluffs to participate. This is a high quality and comprehensive Audition/Festival system. Approx. $25.
National Federation of Music Clubs Festivals (Lincoln and Omaha locations): This is a non-competitive festival appropriate for ALL students’ participation. Approx. $26.
Nebraska Music Teachers Association (Lincoln and Omaha locations) sponsors a District Festival in the spring, which is open to all students, and a State Festival in the fall, which is open to students who qualified at District Festival. I recommend this Festival for experienced students who want to participate in an “extra” Festival, and those who were unable to participate in the Federation Festival. Approx $25. There are District Festivals in both Lincoln and Omaha.
Special Events: Federation, OMTA, LMTA, NMTA, and MTNA all offer additional opportunities such as composition contests, scholarship auditions, competitions, and at the local level:
Fun Fair (Omaha)
Trophy Festival (Omaha)
Young Artist (Omaha)

                  TBA (Lincoln)

Extravaganza (Lincoln)

                  Composition Contest (Lincoln)

                  Students will enjoy participating in any or all of the above activities!

Please note, students may participate in any event in Iowa, Lincoln, or Omaha no matter where you live! (As long as you don't mind a short drive!) 

*No fees go to the teachers involved, although we spend many volunteer hours to make them happen. Fees generally cover either space rental and/or payment to adjudicators.
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