Sign Up for Grand Lodge Performance ASAP! (Piano)

Monday, February 12, 2018 by Debra B Heald | Uncategorized

Hi Piano Parents & Students

There are a couple performance opportunities coming up this spring of which  you should be aware.

The first is the Heald/Schoen Studio Recitals which will be held the morning of Saturday, March 3, 2018 at the Grand Lodge at the Preserve, 80th and Pioneers Blvd. There will be THREE recitals held in the morning (at 9:00, 10:00 and 11:00) and you’ll be able to choose the best time for your family’s schedule. Please sign up here:


This is a great chance for students new to piano lessons to have their first recital experience. Grandparents and others are definitely invited! Of course, we also welcome residents of the Grand Lodge to attend. This is also an excellent time to try out repertoire learned for the Federation Festival (see next paragraphs). For the Studio Recitals, memorization is optional (but highly recommended for Festival Solo participants). This is also an opportunity to solicit donations to support the Lincoln Music Teachers Association Music Outreach Program, which enables students to take private music lessons who would otherwise be unable to afford it. (Both Ms. Heald and Ms. Schoen teach several Music Outreach students.)

The second is the National Federation of Music Clubs Lincoln Area Festival, a.k.a Lincoln Area Federation Festival, held Saturday, March 24, 2018. The Federation Festival allows students to accumulate points over several years to earn trophies in individual events. It is assumed EVERY student will take the theory test. The occasional worksheets students complete help them prepare for this test.

There are also numerous performance Festival events which are critiqued by a qualified judge. The judge also gives a rating. Ratings are non-competitive and students are judged solely on how well they performed their chosen repertoire. Students in their first year of lessons may choose to opt out of performing. But it is a great idea to have those first-year students sit in on a few performances when they come to take the theory test so they’ll know more what to expect in future years when they do perform. Most students are already working on Festival Performance pieces (solo, duet, or patriotic pieces).

Entry fees for each Festival event are approximately $15.00 each.

It is assumed the all current students are participating in the Festival Theory at a minimum. Theory does not require a sign up time. Festival Performance Time Sign Up coming very soon!


Mrs. Heald was an excellent teacher. When my daughters were just starting she was so patient and kind with the little ones. As they continued she not only was their piano instructor but became a life-long mentor. We are looking forward to starting the next generation of our family with her. I highly recommend her!

Susan B

My son has been taking lessons from Debra for three years.  The first two years were in person and the last was online.  My daughter started taking lessons this last year online.  I was a little bit worried how online would go since she is only 6, but is has been great!  Debra is easy to work with and my kids say that she makes learning the piano fun!

Sara Y

Debra Heald is amazing piano teacher. She taught all three of my kids, and I have been taking lessons from her as an adult student for several years. One of her best strengths as a teacher is figuring out ways for everyone to be successful at piano. She is extremely knowledgeable about music and theory but also has a calm teaching approach.

DeeAnn W