LMTA Composition Contest

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Upcoming LMTA Composition Contest!

From Mrs. Heald:

Parents may have noticed students working on compositions for the past two quarters. I wanted to give students a chance to enter the LMTA Composition Contest. This is optional, but for students with at least a year of lessons, it's a great experience. If your student(s) have something ready, we will be working on finalizing it and filling out the entry form. Entry fees are nominal. Please contact me if you have questions! Please read below for some more information. Carol Klose was a personal friend of mine, and a mentor for my composing efforts.


Entry Form


From LMTA:

2014-2015 LMTA Carol Klose
Memorial Composition Competition

LMTA hosts a composition contest every other year, the competition this next spring will be the sixth such event. It has been given a special name and will include a special benefit for participants.

For our January LMTA 2014 Extravaganza, nationally published composer, Carol Klose, was commissioned to write a duet around which our theme of “Taking Flight” was built. Carol unfortunately passed away before the piece, "The Great Winged Migration," could be completed and an anonymous group of composers then collaborated to finish it using musical ideas she had already written. Klose’s family declined payment for the commission and her daughter suggested taking her fee and creating something in her mother’s memory for our local organization. The following was felt to be a fitting tribute to Carol Klose.

In addition to the cash prizes awarded for our LMTA (Lincoln Music Teachers Association) Composition Contest and in order to encourage more students to enter the MTNA (Music Teachers National Association) Composition Contest:

  • LMTA will pay 2015-2016 MTNA Composition Competition full entry fees for the first place winners in Early and Late Elementary divisions, Junior division and Senior division.
  • LMTA will pay 2015-2016 MTNA Composition Competition 75% of entry fees for second place winners in Early and Late Elementary divisions, Junior division and Senior division.
  • To receive payment of entry fee, student or teacher must provide proof of entry in 2015-2016 MTNA Composition Competition by submitting a copy of entry/registration confirmation email to Carol Klose Memorial Composition Competition Committee. Entry deadline will be a yet to be determined date in September, 2015.
  • For reference purposes:
    The 2014 MTNA Composition Competition Entry fees are:
    Elementary $50
    Junior $70
    Senior $100
    When registering for the LMTA Competition, please use MTNA age guidelines as referenced on the 2014-2015 LMTA Carol Klose Memorial Composition Competition registration page.


Mrs. Heald was an excellent teacher. When my daughters were just starting she was so patient and kind with the little ones. As they continued she not only was their piano instructor but became a life-long mentor. We are looking forward to starting the next generation of our family with her. I highly recommend her!

Susan B

My son has been taking lessons from Debra for three years.  The first two years were in person and the last was online.  My daughter started taking lessons this last year online.  I was a little bit worried how online would go since she is only 6, but is has been great!  Debra is easy to work with and my kids say that she makes learning the piano fun!

Sara Y

Debra Heald is amazing piano teacher. She taught all three of my kids, and I have been taking lessons from her as an adult student for several years. One of her best strengths as a teacher is figuring out ways for everyone to be successful at piano. She is extremely knowledgeable about music and theory but also has a calm teaching approach.

DeeAnn W