Extravaganza Registration (Piano)

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From LMTA:

Lincoln Music Teachers Association Presents:

Extravaganza 2017  Dance!

Featuring a multi-keyboard orchestra and string ensemble (Keyboards provided courtesy of Dietze Music House, Lincoln)

Postmark Due Date: October 8

Performance: O’Donnell Auditorium

Sunday, January 8, 2017, Nebraska Wesleyan University

3:00 pm 50 th   and Huntington Streets


Requirements for participation:

  1. Each participant must be a student of an active member of Lincoln Music Teachers Association.Students of all ages from beginners (with at least one year of lessons) through advanced performers are invited to participate.
  2. The student must attend the rehearsal of the assigned group. Your teacher will help you select the appropriate group for which to register. We recommend that teachers choose a level of music for their students which is LESS challenging than that of their solo work. The Extravaganza is designed to provide students with the fun of the duet experience and playing under a conductor in an ensemble.
  3. A registration fee of $22.00 per student will provide the student with admission to the concert and a T-shirt which must be worn for the rehearsal and performance. Indicate T-shirt size below.
  4. To register, complete the form below and return to your teacher. Checks should be made payable to the individual teacher. Students will be placed in their selected group(s) on a first come, first served basis.
  5. Rehearsals will be scheduled on Saturday, January 7, times TBA. Please keep the entire day available. Students MUST be at rehearsal to participate in the performance on Sunday, January 8.

There will be an audience admission charge of $5.00 for adults and $3.00 for ages 4 to 16; children ages 3 and under are free.  There is no additional admission charge for participating students. Optional: You may wish to order tickets in advance with your registration. Tickets will be available the day of the performance.

Students may wish to participate in more than one group. They may do so with no additional charge if space is available. However, if they would like a T-shirt to match the additional group, they must pay an extra $6.50. Please fill out a separate registration form for each group you’d like to participate in.

From Mrs. Heald:

Please fill out the top portion of the registration form, including signatures, and the bottom portion with T-shirt size and total amount ONE SHEET PER STUDENT. Return to your lesson and student and Mrs. Heald will select the group and partner (middle section). Please include a check (one check for your family). 

Extravaganza Registration

Piano Announcements - Fall 2016 - Start Date, etc.

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Hello Piano Families!

A few announcements for the fall session:

  • Fall lessons will start the week of August 21 unless other arrangements are made
  • Scheduling is happening NOW. I scheduled my classes first, followed by my more senior students, etc. If you have not received an email about scheduling, it's coming SOON!
  • Some students will need to be with Miss Maryn or Mr. Anson - they are AWESOME and your students will love lessons with them!
  • Rescheduling lessons: for the coming 2016-17 year: although rescheduled lessons with me will be limited to spots canceled by other students, ANY student will be able to reschedule a missed lesson with Miss Maryn or Mr. Anson. Reschedules will need to be done within 2 weeks (and preferably in the same week) and must have 24 hour notice for non-illness. You will need to go online and cancel your lesson (*important* so that spot will be available for someone else!) and then choose your reschedule time from the available spots. If you cannot schedule in the available spots, you will forfeit that lesson.
  • Please remain flexible - even scheduled times may need to adjust 15 or 30 minutes as the schedule is finalized.
  • If you have questions, send me a text (402-499-0400) or email. If you'd like to speak to me on the phone, leave a message with the best time for me to call back.


Debra Bolte Heald, NCTM

Piano Current Term - Summer Lessons - Fall Term

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Hello Everyone! Here's info for summer and fall:

This week will be the last week of school for most students - however, this is NOT the last week of piano. We are on the last trimester of 13 weeks, and this is week 10. This leaves 3 remaining lessons to be held throughout the summer on a flexible schedule. I do have a fun summer vacation piano book (in 5 levels) that I'm going to have most students work in!

For next week, I'm going to keep everyone on their regular schedule, UNLESS YOU CONTACT ME TO ARRANGE A DIFFERENT TIME/DAY. After that, you will need to sign up for your remaining lessons on the calendar. Summer lessons will generally be held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. If you need a different day, it may be available upon request. There are a couple of weeks when I won't be available.

I always like to offer summer lessons at a substantial discount, to encourage students to do some summer study.

3 lessons = $40
6 lessons = $70
9 lessons = $90

Please read further information at: Summer Lessons

It is absolutely imperative that you sign up and pay for your first month of 2015-16 by July 1. I now have a waiting list of over 10 students, and if you are not signed up by July 1, I will offer spots to waiting list students.

Please read more at: 2015-2016 Piano

If you have any questions, just let me know via email, text, or calls. Thanks!

Debra Heald

402-499-0400 (text or call)



Mrs. Redding was an excellent teacher. When my daughters were just starting she was so patient and kind with the little ones. As they continued she not only was their piano instructor but became a life-long mentor. We are looking forward to starting the next generation of our family with her. I highly recommend her!

Susan B

My son has been taking lessons from Debra for three years.  The first two years were in person and the last was online.  My daughter started taking lessons this last year online.  I was a little bit worried how online would go since she is only 6, but is has been great!  Debra is easy to work with and my kids say that she makes learning the piano fun!

Sara Y

Debra Redding is amazing piano teacher. She taught all three of my kids, and I have been taking lessons from her as an adult student for several years. One of her best strengths as a teacher is figuring out ways for everyone to be successful at piano. She is extremely knowledgeable about music and theory but also has a calm teaching approach.

DeeAnn W